About Tilt Shift Media:

Tilt Shift Media LLP is a new age digital media conglomerate of companies offering services such as digital marketing consulting, content, merchandising and TVCs. It is a one-stop-shop for all content and marketing related needs for brands.

It is headquartered in Mumbai and co-founded by Kashyap Swaroop, a qualified engineer from NMIMS University, Mumbai, and Mona Raina, a holder of an MBA in Business Strategy from INSEAD Paris, having extensive experience in business consulting in varied fields, including media.

The name arises from an urge to usher in a shift in the way the advertising industry operates, in a seamless manner. The term "Tilt Shift" is a cinematic effect that is a consequence of the tilting of a lens before its sensor, thus producing a gradient of sharpness that looks stunning.

About Lowfundwala Productions:

Lowfundwala is an award-winning agency that produces stunning video content, including ads, promo films, corporate films, animated explainer videos, among others.

We're a team of young, qualified professionals from diverse backgrounds, who are determined to create a dent in the online advertising space.

About The Name:

Lowfundwala is a play on the word "Lokhandwala", Mumbai's residential hub for struggling actors, technicians and producers. Inspired by the Lokhandwala spirit of bootstrapping and keeping at it, we started Lowfundwala. Today, Lowfundwala is synonymous with memorable stories and quality production across the Indian startup ecosystem. As the name suggests, we offer you the biggest bang for your buck, with BANG being the operative word, and not the buck.