Marketing is too important to be left to the marketing department.
— David Packard

The LFW Impact

  • Cumulative hits on youtube: 1m+
  • No. of clients acquired: 1

  • No. of clients raising funding: 3

  • No. of certified viral videos: 8

  • No. of repeat customers: 14 (of 18)

  • No. of subscriptions driven for our clients: 5000+
  • Blog Coverage: Afaqs!, ScoopWhoop, Campus Diaries, WeAreMumbai, etc.
  • Media coverage: Mumbai Mirror, DNA, MensXP, New Indian Express, IndianWeb2, Tamarind Rice.

Some of our Products and Services

Concept Video Campaigns

Concept Viral Videos are videos, generally part of an entire campaign, that tell stories without in-your-face advertising integration. These are effective in creating brand awareness and winning the viewer's trust. Concept videos drive subscriptions, shares, goodwill and virality.

Voxpop Videos

Voxpop literally translates to "Voice of the People". 
A Voxpop video is engaging, intimate and innately viral potential. Nothing makes a user fall in love with a brand like a VoxPop video with a fun element. 

Live Action Promo Videos

These are introductory brand videos that not only educate the viewer about the brand, but also entertain the viewer while doing so. Such promo videos are driven by the idea that products and services are best introduced in the context of a relatable story.

User-Experience Films

User Experience (UX) videos are videos that tell the world what the consumers of a product think about it. These are aesthetically well-shot storified videos that are a breeze to watch. 


Vines and Hyperlapses are the future of Digital Media Advertising. Since ads are yet to be enabled/integrated into these platforms, brands can leverage the new-ness of it to push out fun, visually stunning content that a viewer can consume in 6 seconds flat! Vines require funny minds to conceptualize, relatively lesser time to execute and nearly no time to disseminate. 
These are best offered and produced as a package of vines.

Corporate Films

Corporate films are videos that talk about the brand/company in the best, most-professional fashion possible. These are videos generally used for recruitment, internal training and general brand awareness.
A well-shot corporate film can improve brand perception significantly.
Screenshot 2014-09-25 00.42.36.png

Animated Explainer Videos

Animated explainer videos come in various styles, forms and budgets. 
The main types of animated explainer videos include classical animated explainers and motion graphics explainers. 

Viral Videos

Viral videos are videos produced with the sole intention of making the brand popular among the masses. These videos are share-worthy, funny/emotional/shocking or just plain beautiful.

Product Videos

Product Videos are videos that highlight the main features of a product. These are short live action explainer videos where the product is the star of the show.

Nothing like a nighttime stroll to give you ideas.
— Mad-Eye Moody