10 reasons why working with startups might be the best thing you’ll ever do

  1. Startups don’t judge you on what you wear to work, but they WILL judge you on what you say and more so on what you do. We learnt this while working on Directi’s animated video at Directiplex.
  2. There is no “awkward time” for making calls/ getting work done. They work 24×7. This is especially true of Instamojo, where almost every team member contributed towards the making of the video. They were very hands-on. 
  3. Entrepreneurs are expert analysts. They will observe your process and identify inefficiencies, throwing up essential constructive feedback almost spontaneously. We learnt this while working for Aakrit Vaish’s startup, Haptik’s promo video. 
  4. They are impulsive and value whacky ideas. They are risk-takers. In contrast, big businesses making their first videos prefer playing it safe.We created our crazy Shopclues viral ad over 10 days, from conceptualization to release.  
  5. They take out time to teach you a thing or two about what they do. In the nine months of video production, we’ve learnt about fonts and design at Instamojo, programming at Codechef, real-estate at Flat.to and languages at Vserv.mobi
  6. They know the value of time and money, not just theirs, but yours too. Payments are prompt, decisions are instinctively taken and there’s very little crying over spilt milk, if any. In short, entrepreneurs aren’t afraid to move fast and break things.
  7. They know that management jargon is overrated; they’ll talk to you in good ol’ English. 
  8. Your degrees won’t buy you any brownie points, forget about the CGPA. Not a single client so far has asked us about our degrees. They don’t even care if you’re not a graduate yet (we’re almost there) as long as you have a portfolio that speaks for you.  
  9. Entrepreneurs are a treasure trove of experiences. Every entrepreneur has a story. Just a meeting with an entrepreneur will leave you feeling a little bit richer. And if you need inspiration for their product/UX video, all you need to know is why they do what they do. That’s how we created our first video, the one for Flat.to. Gaurav Munjal still likes sharing that video with realtors, students, potential partners, family and friends.
  10. Entrepreneurs understand the value of goodwill and relationships. Having worked with both early-stage startups as well as big businesses, we’ve come to notice that entrepreneurs from the former make a more conscious effort to keep in touch and recommend you. We’ve even had one of our clients call us up on our co-founders’ birthday!